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Yea this site is a rip of wasted a lot of time and now they wont even let you save it on your desk top or anything they need to be put off the internet that doesn't help an unemployed person at all they have to go it's ridiculous what the internet is allowing to happen someone need to do something. This is awful mess there are ways to really help people and on top of that there getting there's no matter if you waste your time or not so I guess they really don't care but somebody needs to stop them. Don't fall into the trap I did........


Monetary Loss: $100.

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Dear Customer,

I’m very sorry that you have had this experience with our service. Our free account gives you the opportunity to try out our resume builder before deciding to purchase.

The ability to print, email, or download your resume and cover letters are features included in our paid subscription and not listed as a feature of the free account.

You can download a plain text version of your resume for free.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to address these personally. Please email me at

Best regards,



to Anna.B-LC Paris, Tennessee, United States #873942

This response is a typical non apology. Anna here says "I'm very sorry that you have had this experience with our service." Rather than apologizing for the misleading website, by saying she is sorry that Ms.

CeCe had this experience, she is in essence placing the blame for the experience on CeCe. She places the onus on CeCe's own experience and not on the misleading website. This is not a real apology, this is a blame.

This is similar to if someone tells an offensive joke and when offended the joke teller says "I'm sorry YOU didn't find it funny." It's not an apology, it's a shift in blame. However, for a website that feels they have to mislead people to try their services, it is not surprising that they cannot offer a real apology.

to Jacob Fox #874306

Hi Jacob Fox,

We understand where you are coming from Jacob. We always value our customer’s comments and feedback.

We are very committed to providing great service and customer satisfaction, and your feedback will be given to our Marketing team.

Best regards,



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