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I signed up for a one time resume charge. Nowhere did it say anything about a recurring charge of 24.99!!

I did not pay close enough attention to my bank charges and did not realize this was happening until $100.00 later. The templates are great but I had no intention of spending this kind of money. Very frustrating. When I called them, they explained that it was a 14 day trial and then the 24.99 was charged monthly.

If I had known this, I would have used a different method to build my resume.They did cancel it immediately after talking with them, so that part was good.

Read carefully! I cannot find the original site anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Resume Now Subscription.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Resume Now Pros: Ease of using the templates.

Resume Now Cons: Feeling scammed on the price.

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I used this company for a one off template, and cancelled within the 7 day period. However, they have different portals, so when you go into a slightly different name of the company, then you go into a different portal and consequently start a subscription (unknowningly), which in effect means you thought you had cancelled the subscription, but in reality you still have subscriptions open in their other platforms.

It is extremely misleading and not at all transparent, as the company should honour the initial subscription cancellation. It seems really complicated and I feel this is the company's way of blind-siding individuals and then continuing to charge the client a fee for several months. I had cancelled, as I thought, the initial subscription, but had gone into one of their other platforms for resume building, thinking it was the same one, as in essence it is. They just used the different name to start charging me with my card, which they had recorded and kept, from their initial interaction with me.

I suggest anyone who has been down the same road as myself, and the people on this site, to call them directly and tell them you are going to write to the Better Business Bureau of the USA and lodge a complaint, as they will continue to do this on a daily basis. I wish you luck, and hope you are successful. I at least got them to refund me the last payment, and cancelled the other so-called subscription.

Small potatoes, but something. Dilys


At Mike - yes, I spoke with them and they cancelled it immediately but that was all.


At Tonya55. Apparently you didn't read my comment correctly.

No need for ugliness. You are right about me not watching my bank account close enough being my fault though.

Don't judge if you don't know what's going on in my life. Have a great day.


Do you have their number to contact?


So YOU didn't read about the trial period AND don't watch your bank account. So who's fault is this?


did u even look at the website or read with ur eyes what he said? it says NOWHERE there’s a recurring 25$ fee idiot

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